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My name's Kyle. 20 years old. I live in Satan's Butthole, Southern California. Of the homosexual species. Currently a junior in college. Instagram: kylemacy08 Twitter: kylemacy08_

Electronic Gold
My dreams are my safe haven. I am able to create a world entirely of my own design. My thoughts can make the unreal become real. They act as an electric current, running rapidly and spontaneously, making up new things that appear out of nowhere. My electric thoughts create an entire world designed by me, where I am safe and free to be me. I live in my Electronic Dream World.
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I love October

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I have received so many messages requesting me to make this post. After looking into it, I realized why. 

The hospital was always dedicated to the treatment of tuberculosis patients, a disease that was fairly common in the early 20th Century.

It is estimated that as many as 63,000 people died as the sanatorium. Those deaths coupled with the reports of severe mistreatment of patients and highly questionable experiments and procedures are ingredients for a haunted location.

One of the most famous things about is the death tunnel. So many people were dying because of tuberculosis, that this tunnel was used to carry the bodies out without other patients having to see them. 

In room 502 (episode feature in ghost hunters), it was said that there was a murder/suicide of a nurse.  

Legend says the nurse found out she was pregnant by the owner of the sanatorium without being married and had contracted tuberculosis, so she hanged herself with a light bulb wire outside the room she was in at the time.

Ghost investigators who have ventured into Waverly have reported a host of strange paranormal phenomena, including voices of unknown origin, isolated cold spots and unexplained shadows. Screams have been heard echoing in its now abandoned hallways, and fleeting apparitions have been encountered.

You can read about one investigation case here

Visit the official website here

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This house was suggested by a follower (I do take post suggestions just message me)

Probably one of the worst cases I have ever heard of.


Dr. Louis Lalaurie and his wife, Delphine moved into their fancy new mansion in New Orleans. They were respected by everyone. They had a lot of money, power and influence. Ms. Delphine was greatly admired for her beauty. 

They threw lavish social parties that would be the talk of the town for weeks to come. 

Their house was extravagant and they had dozens of slaves to take care of it. 

It was the neighbors who first began to suspect that something was not right.

There were whispered conversations about how the Lalaurie slaves seemed to come and go quite often. Parlor maids would be replaced with no explanation or the stable boy was suddenly just disappear… never to be seen again.

Then, one day a neighbor was climbing her own stairs when she heard a scream and saw Madame Lalaurie chasing a little girl, the Madame’s personal servant, with a whip. She pursued the girl onto the roof of the house, where the child jumped to her death. The neighbor later saw the small slave girl buried in a shallow grave beneath the cypress trees in the yard.

It was rumored that she treated the slaves horribly. But how horribly exactly, no one knew.

A terrible fire broke out in the Lalaurie kitchen. Legend has it that it was set by the cook, who could endure no more of the Madame’s tortures. Regardless of how it started, the fire swept through the house.

After the blaze was put out, the fire fighters discovered a horrible sight behind a secret, barred door in the attic.

The information you are about to read is from the embellished part of the event. The authors who wrote about it in the book didn’t source these events: 

They found more than a dozen slaves here, chained to the wall in a horrible state. They were both male and female…. some were strapped to makeshift operating tables… some were confined in cages made for dogs…. human body parts were scattered around and heads and human organs were placed haphazardly in buckets…. grisly souvenirs were stacked on shelves and next to them a collection of whips and paddles.

It was more horrible that anything created in man’s imagination. 

According to the newspaper, the New Orleans Bee, all of the victims were naked and the ones not on tables were chained to the wall. Some of the women had their stomachs sliced open and their insides wrapped about their waists.

One woman had her mouth stuffed with animal excrement and then her lips were sewn shut.
The men were in even more horrible states. Fingernails had been ripped off, eyes poked out, and private parts sliced away.

One man hung in shackles with a stick protruding from a hole that had been drilled in the top of his head. It had been used to “stir” his brains.

The tortures had been administered so as to not bring quick death. Mouths had been pinned shut and hands had been sewn to various parts of the body.

Regardless, many of them had been dead for quite some time. Others were unconscious and some cried in pain, begging to be killed and put out of their misery.

The fire fighters fled the scene in disgust and doctors were summoned from a nearby hospital.

There were a few who still clung to life…. like a woman whose arms and legs had been removed and another who had been forced into a tiny cage with all of her limbs broken than set again at odd angles.

Madame Lalaurie and her family were never seen again.


The house remained vacant for many years after that. It then became an all girls school and then apartment buildings.

During the time when the mansion was an apartment house, a number of strange events were recorded. Among them was an encounter between a occupant and a naked black man in chains who attacked him. The black man abruptly vanished.

Others claimed to have animals butchered in the house; children were attacked by a phantom with a whip; strange figures appeared wrapped in shrouds; a young mother was terrified to find a woman in elegant evening clothes bending over her sleeping infant; and of course, the ever-present sounds of screams, groans and cries that would reverberate through the house at night.

Today the house has been renovated again and serves as luxury apartments.



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I would do the same thing…

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American Horror Story Freak Show: Official Posters

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American Horror Story: Freakshow 4x01 “Monsters Among Us”

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Confused husky pup

He’s not expressing confusion, he’s tilting his head for better sound localization. While having an ear on each side of the head is good for lateral echolocation, tilting the head so that the ears are offset gives it vertical depth.



Oh my gosh, that explains why some dogs put their head to one side when you talk to them. They’re not confused, they’re trying to listen to us better. Awww.

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